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About Us


HD Showings is based in the Greater Tampa Bay area and has been operating since 2008. It is the brainchild of two former practicing real estate agents with a background in graphic arts and marketing.  HD Showings provides dynamic photography and marketing for real estate. This includes, aerial photography, twilight photography, panoramic photography, virtual tours, video production and more.  Stand apart and leverage your listing’s exposure by providing photography that employs today’s cutting edge technology!



Chris Kellison  comes from a family of real estate agents, investors, and business owners, but his desire to create has always sent him on a slightly different pathway.  Since learning the basics of Photoshop on a very slow computer in 1993, digital marketing and graphic arts have satiated his appetite for creation.  When the digital camera revolution hit professionals earlier this century Chris was at the forefront digesting all things related.  Soon after HDshowings was formed.  Constantly innovating and consuming new technology has helped Chris maintain HDshowings.com and it’s clients as  leaders in their field.






Amy Kellison is a Texas native from a family of entrepreneurs. She has a keen eye for design and her interests know no bounds.
When not photographing homes Amy is dedicated to the smooth operation of the internal systems and maintaining the quality control of products. She is available to answer any questions you might have regarding photography, pricing, package options and virtual tour features.